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Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth


About Traumatic Injuries


Traumatic Injuries to the TeethThere are three major types of traumatic injuries to teeth: fracture, dislodging (shifting), and avulsion. Any of these traumatic injuries to your teeth requires immediate attention by your endodontist.


Tooth Dislodging


If a traumatic injury to your mouth has caused your tooth to either be pushed laterally or upward into its socket, or to be pulled partially out of its socket, we may reposition and stabilize it prior to performing the necessary root canal procedure. However, if the tissue remains healthy, no other treatment will be necessary.


Tooth Avulsion


If an injury has caused your tooth to be completely knocked out of your mouth, it is crucial to either rinse the tooth with saline and replace it in its socket, or to keep it moist in milk or saliva (NO water!) and get immediate treatment in order to save the tooth. Root canal may be necessary depending on the stage of root development.


Tooth Fracture


If your tooth has been fractured and you are experiencing significant sensitivity, we can initiate the next step of treatment, which will often include a root canal procedure.


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It is imperative that you immediately contact us at 305-285-5150 if you have sustained a traumatic injury to your mouth, resulting in some sort of damage to your teeth.